EVOO Logistics and Last Mile Delivery Solutions

One of the biggest strengths of any Business lies in the speed and effectiveness with which it can deliver the products or services to its customers. This has been the force behind stupendous growth of many businesses, while has also been the core reason for downfall of many. Thus, to sustain in an environment where choices to consumers are more than ever, every business needs to focus on these aspects to sustain and thrive.


Evoo, as part of its core values believes in Fast, Eco Friendly and reliable logistic solutions. Our unwavering commitment to "customer happiness" is reflected in everything we do. Be it, the training that we give to our drivers cum sales representatives or the options of Payments available at our carts or the technology that we use to maintain the right conditions for storage and display of OUR PARTNER'S products. 

We custom build our electric carts based on our business partner's requirements and specifications. We currently have carts catering to following categories of products :

Farm Products such as Vegetables and Fruits

Staples such as Oil, Wheat, Rice, etc.

Essentials and FMCG products

Dairy and Milk products

Display carts for Consumer electronic products such as Mobile Phones

Services such as "ATM on Wheels" and "Mechanic on Wheels", "Doctor on Wheels" etc.

To know more about other possibilities and our Logistic solutions